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These stitcheries are designed for the little girl in you & just for the fun of stitching without the fear of doing it wrong. The stitching patterns are quick and easy – I call them my "2 TV show projects" because you can finish them by the time the doctors have saved a life in the ER and the Law and Order team have caught and convicted the guilty man.

  Patterns $7.50 ppd each (US funds)   Kits $24.50 ppd each (US funds)
E-patterns $6.50 ppd each (US funds)
E-patterns will be emailed within 24 hours.

all things grow with love applique pattern
Grow with love   no. 533

warm your heart applique and primitive stitchery pattern
Your heart   no. 534

fruits of the spirit primitive stitchery pattern
Fruits of the spirit   no. 535

we make a living primitive stitchery pattern
What we give   no. 536

blessed is the person primitive stitchery pattern
Worry   no. 538

blowing out the other person's candle primitive stitchery
Candle   no. 540

talk to the shepherd primitive stitchery pattern
Count Sheep   no. 542

Jesus loves me stitchery pattern
Jesus love me   no. 543

Home is the place stitchery pattern
Grumble   no. 545

my friend you are in my thoughts stitdchery pattern
In my thoughts   no. 547

have a sew happy day stitchery pattern
Sew happy   no. 549

Americana stitchery pattern
Miss Raggedy Liberty   no. 557

Christmas is holly and gingerbread stitchery pattern
Christmas Annie   no. 552

Christmas is love stitchery pattern
Christmas Andy   no. 553

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E-pattern  no.  

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tea dyed muslinMuslin and Cotton Batting

Hand tea dyed muslin.  Great for dolls or stitcheries.


12" square
$3.00 ppd

18' square
$6.00 ppd

1 yard
$10.50 ppd

Cotton Batting - For a nicer looking finished stitchery

12" square
$3.00 ppd

18' square
$6.00 ppd

1 yard
$10.50 ppd

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